Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009 National Stationery Show

2009 NSS 9SpotMonk Booth

We had a new location this year, it was fun to create a new booth and put up our work. Tif and I love doing the shows. Set up is always a combination of stress, headaches, painting, hauling, etc. But when it's all done and we've had enough of mediocre Japanese food delivery, we're usually psyched to start the show.

Feverishly painting away once the walls were up.

Our new ecoModer® letterpress custom wedding album, set up and ready to go.

Orange wall full of new product.

Show's over, we're back at the studio feverishly packaging up orders. Show was much smaller than latter years but still a great turnout despite the economy. A big thank you to our 50 new stores and we're on to the next project - new holiday cards for the NYIGF in August. We'll be posting sneak peaks soon.

Check out our newest products at 9SpotMonk!

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