Thursday, June 4, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair - recap

Our first visit to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, NY. Sunday was a beautiful day, hot as hell. Tiffany and our little studio assistant Kasie came along to see all things cool and handmade at McCarren Park.

First things first - Italian Ice

Felt Hair Clips by Murdock Design

Kasie spotted these super neat hair clips made out of felt by Murdock Design. They also have an Etsy store, which I'm glad because Kasie has been wearing her hair clips every hour of the day since we got them on Sunday. She even wore them to sleep sleep one night... that's love.

The final selection.

Murdock also makes these great bunny friends. Love the blue bunny.

Letterpress Goodies from Albertine Press

Nice to see Shelley and her family at the fair. I love babies and her and her husband have the cutest little girl, Sadie. I'm sure in 15 years, Sadie is going to be running one of those presses at Albertine.

May Day Studio letterpress cards and hand bound books.

Shelley introduced us to her friend and tent neighbor May Day Studio. All I can say is wow. Kelly's hand bound journals and books blew-me-away. They were amazing. I'm a fan. I'm going to Esty that Bingo Photo Album so fast... I think these would make super amazing birthday gifts (Tiffo, take note).

Fleur Tile BINGO Book by May Day Studio

Folksy Floral Photo Album by May Day Studio

Deluxe Bingo Photo Album

Food charms and jewelry by Inedible Jewelry

Bacon and Eggs Necklace by Inedible Jewelry

Jessica and Susan Partain, run Inedible Jewelry. This is the first time I've seen food jewelry that was so cool. Kasie was wowed by how small the pieces were. She wanted to buy it all but... I think the pieces are too delicate for her right now. So we'll get the book Jessica and Susan wrote and make some of our own, in a larger size.

The Polymer Clay Cookbook by Jessica and Susan Partain.

Kyle and her friend at the Power & Light Press and Blue Barnhouse tent.

Kyle and Brandon came by the studio last week for a visit and 28 second tour of the printshop. Nice to see you guys again!

The Locations Collection by Andy Pratt Design

I'm a big fan of illustrators and Andy Pratt Designs is my new favorite. His illustrations are quirky, lovely, and just downright cool. This collection would make anyone give up their keyboard for 2 minutes and write a friend a quick note. I wonder if Andy would do an illustration of Glen Rock, NJ?

Letterpress cards by Enormous Champion

Enormous Champion's cards first caught my eye at the National Stationery Show back in May. Tif and I saw some really cool work. We never made it to the booth to browse and chat but glad we got to talk a little at Renegade. We look forward to seeing them again at the next show.

Renegade was a blast. We left exhausted and hungry.

Big Wong Restaurant at 67 Mott Street, NYC (photo:

Made a quick trip to Chinatown for some super yummy roast pork and rice at Big Wong (check out the Zagat reviews, and then go eat) on 67 Mott Street in NYC.

The traffic never ends in NYC. Here's a photo I took while on Mott Street - we were stuck in traffic right there for almost 1/2 an hour. Go NYC on a Sunday afternoon ;/

Thanks for reading the post! We're busy at the studio working on some new projects, will keep y'all posting on all things cool and new!

- Vivian

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