Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hi. I'm excited to be guest blogging for the 9SpotMonk girls today! Viv and Tiff were busy at their booth showing off their new EcoFabulous wedding line so they asked me to wander ICFF and NSS and pull together some things that made me gasp and smile.


Jack Larimore stools made of reclaimed wood near his PA studio defy gravity and are stunning.
Uhuru table with mint green metal detail. Night Owl Paper Goods and Twig and Fig wood veneer cards rock Koi Designs stunning room divider Catherine Hammerton wood shingle wallpaper
Daisuke Hiraiwa's Toothpick light. He glued the mass of toothpicks across the bottom so it is flexible and can mold around a light bulb. Reminds me of a porcupine doing yoga. CARDBOARD
Graypants lights Sukmo Koo light made of egg cartons as part of the Pratt "design for a dollar" student exhibit. reminds me of an white chocolate covered alligator pretzel. Chun Wei Liao created modular lights and side tables. They come flat packed and you can place the pyramid shaped pieces in infinite configurations. Also customizable with your own designs. WALLPAPER
I actually gasped when I saw these wallpaper designs from
Tracy Kendall. Puzzle pieces, sequins, paillettes, silver alphabet, etc. attached with a tagging gun. I am so going to steal this idea for my blank wall. VELCRO
I think this actually premiered at last year's show but I was in awe of Rachel O'Neil's pendant lights all made with colorful frilled velcro. THE RECESSION CAN BE FUNNY... Design Glut's It's OK To Cry Hankie and candle holder 9Spotmonk's new recession letterpress line
Dining Agenda's book of tear-out place mats with usable laser cut fork and knife conveniently located on the cover
AMH Design's DIY needlepoint notebook kit with laser cut holes.
I love these lamp shades from Resurface
9SpotMonk graffiti cards

and finally...
I saw a bunch on ingenious rings at the show.
Nervous System's rings are 3d printed by SLS (selective laser sinteting) in a hard nylon material.
I bought 2 of these Timothy Liles crayon rings.

"Inner Message" rings from Yoon Jung Yun leave an imprint on your finger that say "Marry Me" and "Always". love hurts!
Now I'm off to create

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