Thursday, September 29, 2011

Since you're the oldest, can you....

Since you're the oldest, can you pay? card from 9SpotMonk Letterpress

It's almost the end of September, we can all hardly believe it. It also means on the last day of this month we pick someone who signed up for our mailing list to receive a $20 gift certificate to be used on our 9SpotMonk site. Will it be you? Well, it won't if you don't sign up ;/ Here, do this:

1. sign up here []
2. you'll be entered to win a $20 gift certificate
3. if you leave us your birth date (and the ones of your kids if you've got), we'll send you (and them) a real snail mail birthday card (age appropriate of course) and surprise goodies
4. and we'll all thank you personally for signing up and you'll get an email every now and then of our private sales, giveaways, etc, etc, etc.

So when someone says 'since you're the oldest, can you pay?' You'll have that free $20 in hand to pay for what they want at 9SpotMonk.

Photo credit: 9SpotMonk

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