Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa's Early Christmas Gift

Our press mechanic John called one late afternoon last week said he had a gift for us, a Chandler and Price 10 by 15, complete with motor. I've been wanting a press like this for a while. Thought it would be nice to have a semi automated press in the studio for when jobs come in that demand less than what the Windmills have to give.

I'll be honest, we're not excited to clean this bad boy up - gloves, naval jelly, Simple Green, steel wool, etc. It'll need a major cleaning, it's got inches of dust and grime on it. Hopefully, after the holidays it will be clean and wired to electricity and then we can start testing the press.

Thank you John for the wonderful gift.

[photo credit: 9SpotMonk]
[tags: Chandler and Price, C&P, letterpress, press clean up]


Melanie said...

Beautiful. It's not every day a C & P falls into your lap :) Enjoy!

Melanie said...
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hand pecked debb said...

what do I have to do to get a mechanic to send me one of these badass toys?

9SpotMonk Studio said...

hand.pecked - rofl. Well first you have to find a great press mechanic and then become good friends. Tell him what you're looking for. Press mechanics always get calls from print shops to liquidate. These days, believe it or not, it's hard to get another print shop to purchase or even take an old press like that. So that's how it landed in our studio. He also gave us a Challenge floor model paper drill.

Thanks for your comment!
- Vivian