Thursday, December 10, 2009

[Custom Design] Hand Drawn + Letterpress

One of the few times where I am my own client. Birthday party invite for our daughter, theme was magic, show was complete with magician and the fattest bunny I have ever seen.

I only had a day to come up with the design, so I ended up doing hand lettering which was faster than laying out type or so I thought. Did the initial drawing on regular paper and then cleaned up areas that need more or less space or bigger or smaller letters. Final version before I whipped out the Sharpie to trace it was 7 separate pieces of tracing paper all taped to the light box.

Printed the invite letterpress on the Windmill with ink I had on the press from a previous job, PMS 200U red. Was a very easy job to print, no issues really. Got a nice deep impression without going through the back, which is key for me. I'm a fan of a deep impression but not a fan of it showing through the back.

[photo credit: 9SpotMonk]

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