Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DIY: Neat Tarp Tote and Give Away

We made these cute tarp bags to give away at one of our trade shows last year. Giving bags away, whether they be paper or fabric are common place these days. We put our brainstorming cells together to create a cute bag that once was done in it's life of holding catalogues and business cards at a trade show to be able to be used for something else. I wanted the bag to be big enough for most hand outs at the show but small enough so it's not overwhelming. Nothing is more annoying (to me anyway) than 500 people holding a ginormous unsightly bag.

So, we came up with this little tote made out of tarp, yes the same stuff people use to cover their roofs in a pinch when it's leaking or cover the back of their pickup trucks when it's raining. I initially thought there was only that electric blue (not so nice) or black (nice but wanted something that popped and get noticed at the show). We couldn't believe the amount of colours tarp came in, so we picked our signature colour - orange.

The tote dimensions are 12 by 14 inches, have grosgrain ribbon for handles, and we letterpressed the label on chipboard and sewed everything together.

We got some really great responses from buyers who got the bags and realized the bag can be reused as
- lunch bag
- school bag (for pre school kids)
- dance bag (ballet slippers)
- hand bag
- and in a pinch can be used as a rain hat

Let's do a give away....

Share your ideas, what would you use the tote for? Best idea emailed to us by Tuesday, April 7th will receive a free tote. Email answers to hello at 9spotmonk dot com

Good luck!

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carina said...

i've seen a lot of swag bags and this is one of the coolest! i love that you were able to find tarps in orange, absolutely perfect...