Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who needs a $3 recycled letterpress notebook? You do.

HOT HOT HOT Mini Recycled Notebooks

Hot out of the print shop, splurge on a little luxury with these 100% recycled mini notebooks. Letterpress printed in gold ink these notebooks are sure to be great for everyday use. Get 1, heck, they're $3.00 each, get the entire set.

Available titles -
- Cash Log: for keeping the Lincoln's AND the Benjamins accounted for in this nasty economic season

- Gift Log: wouldn't be right if you gave your bff the same gift again, so write it down!

- Gossip: need we say more?

- Grocery: makin' a list before you hit the supermarket

- Inspire: jot down all those doodles and notes, who knows, there could be a million dollar painting in the works there

- Meet: Okay, so you have an iPhone to write all the appointments in, but you know as well as I, writing it down with on paper is faster than punching the letters in...

- Must Do: for all the things you MUST DO

- Research: For your thesis, for your new pair of shoes, for your bf's surprise birthday venue...

- Shower: Baby shower, bridal shower, jot it down, make sure you got everything. Also makes a great notebook to write down who gave what so you can remember when it's thank you card writing time.

- Stuff: for stuff

- Wedding: Sure, a $50 leather bound notebook is nice for keeping tearsheets and notes for the upcoming event, but in these times, save the $47 for the shoes. After all, after the wedding, this notebook will be in some box somewhere but the shoes - everyone will still be talking about those shoes...

These notebooks and other neat letterpress goods can be found on our site at


joe said...

where can i buy these?


joe at joequint dot com

Anonymous said...

what kind of paper do they have inside? blank, lined or variable by subject? they're lovely, and $3 for a letterpressed notebook is very inexpensive.

lisa a. may said...

lovley! What are the dimensions?

getsbis said...

so, um, okay. where can i get them? if i live in the middle of europe?

amie said...

love these notebooks - do you sell these online? (am i just missing the link?) thanks!

9SpotMonk Studio said...

Hello Everyone! Will try and answer everyone's questions in on post:

- the mini notebooks can be bought online at
- the pages are 100% recycled and they are blank
- the dimensions are 3.25 by 5.5 inches
- if you live in the middle of Europe, we can ship them to you, just contact us at so we can give you a shipping quote

Thanks for all the comments and enjoy your day!