Sunday, January 11, 2009

The studio moves! Well, sort of...

What could be a better time than right before our first trade show of the year to start relocating our work studio? We've all been thinking about this for a long time and the wish list gets longer and longer. Who sits where, who gets the window seat, who's feng shui will be better if s/he's computer is... the list goes on.

After ranting about this for about a year. We're doing it. I made the first move. Now normally, the process would be to:

1. empty the space
2. tear out walls, floors and ceilings and replace
3. paint
4. draw up a 'what goes where' floor plan
5. beg and borrow furniture from friends and family (or get our very talented illustrator turned metal worker to make all our tables)
6. move in

But that would be a little too easy and time consuming so, we're doing it in this order:

1. move everything in the existing space to the corner of the room 
2. clean and vacuum the floors
3. pick my lovely feng shui'd corner and move in... I'll let everyone fight for their respective spaces on Monday
4. finish trade show
5. and start tearing down ceilings, walls and floors!

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