Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who needs a $3 recycled letterpress notebook? You do.

HOT HOT HOT Mini Recycled Notebooks

Hot out of the print shop, splurge on a little luxury with these 100% recycled mini notebooks. Letterpress printed in gold ink these notebooks are sure to be great for everyday use. Get 1, heck, they're $3.00 each, get the entire set.

Available titles -
- Cash Log: for keeping the Lincoln's AND the Benjamins accounted for in this nasty economic season

- Gift Log: wouldn't be right if you gave your bff the same gift again, so write it down!

- Gossip: need we say more?

- Grocery: makin' a list before you hit the supermarket

- Inspire: jot down all those doodles and notes, who knows, there could be a million dollar painting in the works there

- Meet: Okay, so you have an iPhone to write all the appointments in, but you know as well as I, writing it down with on paper is faster than punching the letters in...

- Must Do: for all the things you MUST DO

- Research: For your thesis, for your new pair of shoes, for your bf's surprise birthday venue...

- Shower: Baby shower, bridal shower, jot it down, make sure you got everything. Also makes a great notebook to write down who gave what so you can remember when it's thank you card writing time.

- Stuff: for stuff

- Wedding: Sure, a $50 leather bound notebook is nice for keeping tearsheets and notes for the upcoming event, but in these times, save the $47 for the shoes. After all, after the wedding, this notebook will be in some box somewhere but the shoes - everyone will still be talking about those shoes...

These notebooks and other neat letterpress goods can be found on our site at

Monday, February 2, 2009

New product sneak peak

Thanks to all who visited us at the New York International Gift Fair last week. The response to our new products were just amazing in the tough economic climate we're living in right now.

To the 75 new stores across the country, welcome to 9SpotMonk!

Here's a sneak peak of some of the great letterpress products that will be available online and hit stores February 15, 2009...

From our 9SpotMonk Kids' "Colour It and Send Greeting Cards"

From our 9SpotMonk Kids' Recycled colour in placemats

From our "A Word About..." Recession line, letterpress printed on 100% recycled paper